Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CacaoCollective?
CacaoCollective is Cacao Barry®’s official platform for professional chefs to share knowledge, news and inspiration related to the world of Cocoa and Chocolate.

What is the aim of CacaoCollective?
CacaoCollective aims to elevate the creativity and success of chefs by connecting all stakeholders in the chocolate industry.

How is CacaoCollective capable of elevating my creativity and success?
Cacao Barry® has a strong worldwide network to unlock the creativity and inspiration of chefs: a large community of Cacao Barry® chefs and Chocolate Ambassadors as well as Chocolate Academy™ Centers around the globe. Additionally, Cacao Barry® collaborates with all the players in the industry, from cocoa farmers to chefs, and has the power to connect them on a global scale.

How does CacaoCollective help to ensure the future of cocoa?
We truly believe that better knowledge and better transparency lead to a better use of chocolate products and hence will ensure the availability and diversity of fine cocoa across the world, now and in the future.

There are already a lot of other sources for inspiration on chocolate. Why should I join CacaoCollective?
Today most chocolate related platforms offer technical tips and recipes that are product and kitchen centered. Although this is important, we also believe there is an opportunity to truly inspire chefs: not only with ingredients and tools from within the world of chocolate, but also by looking at the worlds of art, fashion, travels, cultures etc.

Who can sign up for CacaoCollective?
Cacao Barry® initiated the platform for all professional chefs across the world who care for high-quality ingredients and are looking for exploration, inspiration, techniques, and recognition. 

What are the benefits?
CacaoCollective is inspiring and empowering. By signing up you will be the first to have access to news, inspiration and creations from chefs across the world.

Are there any hidden fees?
All content on the CacaoCollective platform is free of charge. Additional costs charged for specific events or products will clearly be communicated upfront.