Episode 8 - Fermentation

Fermentation is the most important step in chocolate flavour development.

To deep dive into the specifics of this process, we invite you to take a tour in the Alto del Sol plantation in Junajui, Peru, where controlled fermentation is applied. Engineer David Contreras explains the entire biochemical transformation process which takes place during the 6 to 7 days of fermentation. One key aspect is to keep a close eye on the development of the temperature of the beans.

Recipe inspired by Fermentation

Gabriele Riva

Gabriele Riva

Maganja Bonbon

Chocolate used: Madirofolo

"Inspired by the cocoa growers - their culture, mysterious dances and fascinating traditions - my Maganja bonbon was born: a beautiful combination of Xtabentún liqueur and Mayan spices. Truly a tribute to cocoa and its origins."

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