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Why WholeFruit chocolate?


Today’s consumers, especially millennials and centennials, express a hunger for a holistic life where taste and health go hand-in-hand.

This redefines the whole meaning of indulgence. We must collectively offer products that are tasty, good for them, and good for the planet and its people.


global launch event

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To celebrate this revolutionary chocolate, we are bringing you a Live Launch Global Event* live- streamed on our website for the FULL EXPERIENCE! A quick registration will allow you to ask direct questions to the chefs & guests during the event. Insider tip: It is best to join 15 minutes prior to the event to get exclusive content. Make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get all the updates, as well as mark the date and time on your calendar!

Join us Live June 7th 2021:  North America: 11am EDT | 10am CDT | 8am PDT // Europe: 5pm CET // South America: 12pm BRT (UTC-3) // Asia: June 8th 00:00am JST (UTC+9)

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*The live event is accessible from anywhere in the world! Please note that the Cacao Barry WholeFruit chocolate is progressively rolled-out in limited quantities first in France, United Kingdom, Italy, United States of America, Canada, Brazil and Japan. Reach out to your local Cacao Barry representative to know when it will be available in your area!