Chocolate flavour pairing kit

Cacao Barry® invited François Chartier, the world's best sommelier in French wines and spirits, to share his knowledge and expertise around Cacao Barry® chocolates. 

For almost 30 years, François Chartier has been researching "Molecular harmonies and Sommellerie". According to his aromatic theory, when combining ingredients with aromatic molecules of the same family, the result is greater than the sum of its parts. 1+1=3, and even sometimes 4. Hence, this translates into a "new formula of taste".

Together with our Chefs, François Chartier revealed dominant aromatic molecules of each of our chocolates. We then created an easy-to-use kit with a flavour card for each chocolate, showing its molecular structure as well as ingredients with similar molecules for pairing.

The result is a pallet of original combinations of ingredients, both liquid and solid, for every creation, allowing you to easiliy find inspiration for pairings. 

Download the flavour pairing cards

Alto El Sol 65%

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Alunga 41%

Ambre Java 36%

Blanc Satin 29%

Cuba 70%

Équateur 76%

Excellence 55%

Extra-bitter Guayaquil 64%

Fleur de Cao 70%

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Ghana 40%

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Haïti 65%

Inaya 65%

Lactée Barry 35%

Lactée Supérieure 38%

Madirofolo 65%

Mexique 66%

Mi-Amère 58%

Ocoa 70%

Papouasie 35%

Saint-Domingue 70%

Tanzanie 75%

Venezuela 72%

Zéphyr Caramel 35%

Zéphyr 34%

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Esmeralda 74%

Rugoso 71%

Evocao pairing card CB