Cacao Barry® Flavour Dinners to inspire Chefs: Fairouz, Ottawa, Canada


Flavour dinners to inspire chefs: Fairouz Restaurant, Ottawa, Canada

Cacao Barry® is honoured to announce that the first Flavour Dinner in Ottawa was designed by Executive Chef Walid El-Tawel, Pastry Chef Marta Caffera, Sommelier Adam Weiss from Fairouz Restaurant

Ottawa, November 8th, at upscale casual restaurant featuring modern Middle Eastern cuisine Fairouz Restaurant, Cacao Barry invited 20 Chefs for the first Flavour Dinner in a heritage mansion in the capital’s Somerset Village. The evening started by an exotic cocoa plantation cocktail prepared by mixologist Simon Lemay. Guests were just about to experience the first Flavour Dinner in town.

It all begun 175 years ago with a Scottish man named Charles Barry who started a quest for extraordinary chocolate flavours. Cacao Barry is exited to continue this journey today by exploring chocolate flavours pairings. As we all know the most exciting journey means nothing if you cannot share it with someone. This is what Tuesday night was all about, an opportunity for the 20 selected Chefs and food industry people to share this experience, discover an exclusive menu and get inspired.

Sommelier and General Manager Adam Weiss presented the wines paired with the menu, taking us throughout the evening from Italian to Lebanon and finally to Greek vineyards. Guests enjoyed the full chocolate menu discovering chicken liver in a delightful Saint Domingue chocolate sauce and InayaTM chocolate Mafaldine pasta with braised lamb. Pastry Chef Marta Caffera delighted us with her light Middle Eastern flavoured dessert. Orange blossom, pistachio, clementine and Cacao Barry Origin dark chocolates ended the amazing dinner. The generosity of the plates did not prevent guests to finish their dessert plates.

Nothing would have been possible without the fantastic team of Fairouz Restaurant. Chef Walid El- Tawel accepted the challenge to play with chocolate flavours and imagine the most delicious pairings. But the biggest challenge for him was to choose only one ingredient to pair with chocolate and stick to it to design a four course menu. He picked sumac, a berry which is often used in Middle Eastern cuisine, bringing some acidity to his creations.

The guest Chefs enjoyed the evening, sharing their experience and inspirations and when the dessert was gone, the Chefs thanked Walid El-Tawel, Marta Caffera, Adam Weiss, Simon Lemay and their team for the fantastic menu. The guest left full of new ideas for their creations.