Choux with Mexique

Here is Ramon Morato's take on the chou with Mexique 66%:

" Mexique is cacao. It is where it all started. Unique flavour notes such us nuts, pain d’épices, gingerbread, spices, fruits. 66% cacao is equilibrated % to be used in mostly all applications.

Flavors: I made a tribute to Mexico which is known for its richness of flavours. Avocado, silantro, lime, spicy chili, mango.

Technique: Tradition in Mexico is cocoa with water. I used
the mousse but made it with water, a clean mousse without
fat and fresh. To make the contrast with the sweet base and
the spicy I chose a savory filling on the top.

Format: Inspiration is the planet. Planet of chocolate. Half
is chocolate, other half represents the soil."

And you, what would be your take on our Origine range?

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