Our purpose & mission

From nature to plate

For creative chefs to express their true nature

Innovators in Fine Flavour Excellence

Innovators and explorers in fine cacao flavour excellence, protectors of its diversity and rooted in French pastry since 1842, Cacao Barry shares the whole cacaofruit experience from nature to plate, with farmers and chefs.

We strive to elevate chefs’ creativity, constantly fuelled with :

  • Exciting fine flavours excellence
  • Valorizing and respecting nature
  • Promoting strong stimulating and inclusive communities
  • Igniting mind shifts.

We empower all creative chefs, masters and the next generation, to engage fully to reach their vision: TO EXPRESS THEIR TRUE NATURE.

Express Your True Nature™

Fine Flavour Excellence

We designed various ranges to support chefs in their creativity and most demanding needs.

Fine Flavor Excellence


Valorizing and respecting Nature. 100% of our cocoa beans are supporting sustainable cocoa sourcing.



Throughout the world, we continue building a community of shared values and passion.



Beyond creativity, it is about shifting perspectives through our innovations.

  • History
    The cacaofruit experience, for over 180 years

    Our History

    Rooted in French Pastry heritage. Partners of pastry, bakery, confectionery and ice-cream chefs since 1842. Fine flavour excellence explorer & category innovator to bring excitement and practical solutions to chefs.
The Cacao Powder Collection


Launch of The Cacao Powders Collection, a 100% cacao extra fine cacao powders range to unleash a chef's creativity and playfulness.

Cacao Barry® encompasses all the possibilities for chefs to express their true nature with this exciting collection of cacao powders with a compelling selection of pH, fat content, colours palette,  single origins and organic options.

La Liste


First worldwide selection of the Best Pastry Shops, in partnership with La Liste.

After several years of research, Cacao Barry® finds in La Liste the partner of choice to realise the dream of creating the world's first list of the best pastry shops, available in an easy-to-locate mobile app.

With this initiative, Cacao Barry® underlines its continuous commitment to chefs and promotes the success of the artisans today.



Launch of Evocao™ Wholefruit Chocolate, a revolutianary chocolate, made with 100% pure cacaofruit.

A uniquely pure expression of the cacaofruit, the new Wholefruit Evocao™ chocolate provides chefs with the true essence of what Nature intended. 

COH & Bee friendly logos


Cacao Barry® reinforces its sustainability engagement by joining :

  • Cocoa Horizons for cacao products,  focused on cocoa farmer prosperity and helping build self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children. 
  • Bee Friendly for almonds products, an answer to the bee protection challenge.
TPA and Bulletins


Cacao Barry® encourages chefs to challenge the status quo by providing them with the right tools to shine and elevate their creativity:

  • The Pastry Alphabet, a collection of practical recipes rooted in our French pastry heritage and the desire to bring a progressive approach to pastry. 
  • Creative Bulletins,  for exploring the frontiers of creativity by selecting a theme to study with the support of a specialist (nutritionist, designer, scientist...).


Launch of new packaging to ensure the protection of cacao flavours and highlight cacao knowledge.
And the Launch of CacaoCollective, the number one chef community dedicated to inspiration, information and creativity around chocolate. CacaoCollective: created for Chefs / by Chefs.



Cacao Barry® discovers specific ferments naturally present in the local plantation environment (plant leaves and soil) that have a beneficial impact on the fermentation process. This results in Q-Fermentation: a fermentation process during which intense and pure flavours are released by each bean.

Or Noir™ logo


Or Noir™ custom service.

Cacao Barry® offers the unique opportunity for chefs to explore unlimited personalization possibilities, by creating and signing their own chocolate.

Alto El Sol


Launch of the Plantation range.
The beans for these chocolates originate from a single plantation, allowing Cacao Barry® to offer unique aromatic notes that evolve over time.



Creation of the World Chocolate Masters, the only competition in the world solely dedicated to the creative talent of professionals with chocolate. 

Mycryo original and current pack


Launch of of a break through innovation: Mycryo® cocoa butter - a pure fat naturally found in cacao beans.

Mycryo® enables easy crystallization. The powdered cocoa butter is crystallized in a form which is ideal for tempering chocolate.



Origines range, with cacao beans sourced from a single country to bring a diversity of flavour that come from each specific origin and bean genetics.

Paillete Feuilletine


Creation of an innovation for pastry chefs:Pailleté Feuilletine™. Today, this product is essential for  famous recipe: Le Royal Chocolat.

polycarbonate mould


Cacao Barry® is the first brand to offer chocolate in the convenient shape of Pistoles™. 

Observing them breaking their chocolate blocks to melt them, Cacao Barry® decided to invent this shape. Easy to measure, easy
to melt and microwavable, thanks to the Pistoles™ craftsmen can now concentrate their valuable time for their creation.



As a partner, Cacao Barry® is the first brand to introduce moulds for craftsmen.

New moulds are launched every year to offer a large and modern range to animate festive events such as Easter or Christmas.

Héritage range


Lenôtre co-branded range.

The Cacao Barry® brand, a symbol of excellence and innovation, and Lenôtre, synonymous with gastronomic prestige, have pooled their talents to create a range of refined chocolates. Back then, Gaston Lenôtre had described the very essence of this partnership, which remains unchanged: “Nowadays consumers prefer refined products. We have to focus on the quality of raw materials and never forget the importance of knowledge transfer”.

Ambassadors Club


Cacao Barry® goes beyond and further nurturing a vibrant community of people with shared values and passion through:

  • Launch of the brand “Your Demonstration Partner” and "Centres de Perfectionnement" (current Chocolate Academy™) to introduce personalized assistance and support to professionals
  • First Ambassador Club
Baking sticks


Creation of the baking sticks and simultaneously the famous “pains au chocolat”.

First chocolate couvertures


First couverture chocolates.

Cacao Barry® creates a range of products exclusively dedicated to craftsmen and starts being active in cacao beans origins.

Cacao Barry history


Acquisition by Lacarré family.

Cacao Barry® is catapulted into the international arena, while further investing in cocoa plantations, factories and communities in both Africa and South America.

Cacao Barry Creation


Cacao Barry® was founded by Charles Barry in Paris, France.

Starting in business with tea and coffee, Charles Barry, a true innovator with a passion for chocolate, travelled to Africa to seek out a selection of cacao beans that would enable him to create his very first connoisseur’s chocolate.