Flavour pairing Kit François Chartier X Science

Flavour pairing kit

To fully appreciate chocolate, explore new creative concepts and truly unlock its full potential, CacaoCollective gathered Cacao Barry® Chefs and invited Francois Chartier, world best sommelier in French wines and spirits, to share his knowledge and expertise around Cacao Barry® chocolates.

Francois Chartier's aromatic science (which is also highlighted in his book named “L’essentiel de Chartier”) shows the dominant aromatic molecules of each of our chocolates. This unleashes Chefs' inspiration by offering them uncountable creative possibilities.

In order to bring forward the singular aromatic DNA of our chocolates, our team and Francois Chartier created a kit. The shape of the kit provides an easy handling for Chefs.

The aromatic DNA of each chocolate is revealed in this kit through flavor cards. Each card shows ingredients in which flavors have molecular and aromatic similarities with our chocolates.

This analysis of the identity of our chocolates suggests a pallet of original combinations of ingredients, whether liquid or solid, for every creation.

These cards allow Chefs to create new combinations according to the inspirations of chocolatiers, pastry chefs and cooking chefs. It is up to them to select their ingredients and to find their inspirations in the cards and thus imagine their own creations.

This kit was created in order to meet the desire of Cacao Collective to bring Chefs exclusive flavors, inspirations and elevate their creativity.


Discover the flavour pairing cards

Alto El Sol 65%

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Alunga 41%

Ambre Java 36%

Blanc Satin 29%

Cuba 70%

Équateur 76%

Excellence 55%

Extra-bitter Guayaquil 64%

Fleur de Cao 70%

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Ghana 40%

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Haïti 65%

Inaya 65%

Lactée Barry 35%

Lactée Supérieure 38%

Madirofolo 65%

Mexique 66%

Mi-Amère 58%

Ocoa 70%

Papouasie 35%

Saint-Domingue 70%

Tanzanie 75%

Venezuela 72%

Zéphyr Caramel 35%

Zéphyr 34%

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