Coconut and Lychee dessert by Juan Pablo Colubri

Juan Pablo Colubri, the executive pastry chef from the Hakkasan USA group is sharing with us the recipe of his favourite dessert. He loves it because it is “free from” (free from gluten, alcohol, dairy, nuts and gelatin), it is refreshing, light, balanced and delicious.

Coconut mousse

Coconut puree                        400g
Ultratex                                    6g
Mix the ingredients and hand blend until smooth and creamy texture.
Pipe the cream into semi sphere mould making sure it’s nice and flat.
Freeze it.
When frozen, melt slightly the surface using the blow torch and stick them together forming a perfect sphere.

Chocolate coating (1)

Cacao Barry origine dark couvertureTanzanie Chocolate                50g
Coconut oil                              10g
Melt together.
Take the coconut spheres and coat them using gloved hands.

Chocolate coating (2)

Cacao Barry origine dark couvertureTanzanie Chocolate                50g
Cocoa powder                         10g
Using a brush, make lines with the melted chocolate from top to bottom of the sphere. Using another brush spread some cocoa powder.

Coconut tapioca

50g. Tapioca
300g. Water
1 lime zest&juice
300 ml. Coconut milk
160g. Coconut puree
1 pinch Salt
Boil the water, add tapioca pearls while stirring and continue stirring. Cook the tapioca until the white pearls go translucent.
Finish cooking on a low-heat about 5-10 minutes.
Rinse with cold water using tammy strainer.
Heat the coconut milk and coconut puree. Add salt.
Add the tapioca to coconut milk. Add the lime juice and zest. Stir well.
Leave to rest overnight.

Lychee gel

Lychee puree              100g
Ultratex                        6g
Mix together and hand blend until creamy texture.

Lychee granite

Lychee juice                            100g
Sugar                                      1g
Agar                                        0.2g
Place all the ingredients into a large pan and heat until it reaches 80 degrees.
Put all the mix in a container and freeze it.

Coconut cream

Coconut puree                        20g
Ultratex                                    0.4g
Mix together and hand blend until creamy texture.

Coconut and lime sorbet

Coconut puree                        744g
Lime juice                                50g
Dextrose                                  150g
Sorbet stabilizer                      2g
Sugar                                      10g
Lime zest                                 1/2
Place the coconut puree in a pan.
Mix the sugar, dextrose and sorbet stabilizer together and when the coconut puree reaches 50 degrees add all the sugars carefully. Bring to 85 degrees and cool down as fast you can and add the lime zest and juice.
Put into Paco Jet containers. Chill and freeze immediately.


Dried coconut
Dried lime zest
Astina cress (from mash)