Nutritive Seasonal Tart Bulletin

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In our last “Pastry & Anthropology” bulletin in collaboration with anthropologist Fanny Parise, we discussed our four cornerstones, including Nutritious Pastry. As we explained, Nutritious Pastry attempts to reconcile two extremes: pleasure and health, by removing the structure of meals while maintaining the spirit of dessert. Our objective is to return dessert to the heart of the meal, so that it is not only a source of pleasure but also provides the various nutritive elements we need and which are usually present in a meal: proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

The challenge is no easy one. It is particularly tough as it involves the world of desserts. There is however potential for designing healthier, lighter, less sweet patisseries which provide more nutritive elements and move us closer to our ultimate objective.

As an experiment, we produced a new take on the Poké Bowl in the colours of a traditional dessert made with apricots, oranges and almonds, with Santo Domingo chocolate that has been used in our other creations. It turned out that the Poké Bowl had fewer calories, a higher level of oils, a higher level of unsaturated fatty acids and also more vegetable proteins, fruit, vegetables and cereals.

Starting from this idea, today we are presenting a product that is less theoretical and easier to sell, associated with values like temporality and local products, perfectly in line with the concept of Nutritive Patisserie: The Nutritive Seasonal Tart.

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