New Bags

Planet friendly recyclable packaging


Help protect the environment by recycling this planet friendly, mono-material, aluminium free recyclable bag!  

Discover 6 hearty reasons to switch: 

1. Keep your pure cacao powder fresh!

Made with high-quality and recyclable materials, the bags of this new collection protect the pure cacao from degradation by keeping air and moisture out while limiting undesirable powder lumps. We ensure the unique flavour profile of your cacao powder is preserved.

2. A unique resealable bag

The new  zip closing, the first-ever for cacao powder packaging, makes it very easy to open and close the bag repeatedly and allows for precise re-sealing. The remaining of your cacao powder is protected until the next use. No more spills, leakages or extra containers, your resealable bag will protect the freshness of the powder until you empty it.

3. How to preserve cacao powder in your kitchen

In order to maximise your cacao powder’s shelf life, we recommend that you store the product in a clean, dry (relative humidity max. 70 %) and odourless environment. The storage temperature should not exceed 12 - 20 °C / 54 - 68 °F. The non-rigidity of the bags also makes them easier to stock and store on your shelf.

4. Start recycling today!

Our Cacao Barry cacao powder packaging is designed consciously to be more practical while reducing waste. To have an overall recyclable bag, only one mono-material is used, both for the bag and the labels : polyethylene (PE). This packaging can be collected, sorted and then successfully recycled in most countries (refer to  your local waste sorting culture and rules).

5. How to recycle this bag in your region

The recycling streams differ from country to country. Check how to recycle your Cacao Barry cacao powder bag in your country:


 Belgium  |  Fostplus

 France  |  Guide du Tri

 UK  |  Recycle now

 Germany  |  Handbook Germany

 Netherlands  |  Milieu Centraal 

 Spain  |  Ecoembes

 Portugal  |  Eco Ponto

 Denmark  |  Affald

 Netherlands  |  Milieu Centraal 

 Spain  |  Ecoembes

 Portugal  |  Eco Ponto

 Denmark  |  Affald

6. Why is recyclable material important for the environment? 

At Cacao Barry, we are committed to eliminate single-use plastics that cannot be recycled. Using recyclable materials reduces the need to extract new raw materials from the Earth and helps cut down the waste amount incinerated or in landfill sites.

By using recyclable packaging, Cacao Barry keeps plastic in a circular economy and out of the natural environment.  A simple but extremely key milestone that makes a difference for preserving our planet.