Cucumber and Zephyr™ macaron

Cucumber and Zephyr™ macaron

Recipe for approx. 120 macarons

Macaron mix

Used products: Macaron mix

  • 1000 g
    TPT (50% icing sugar, 50% powdered almonds)
  • 170 g
    fresh egg whites
  • 500 g
  • 180 g
  • 5 g
    green colourant powder

Preparation: Macaron mix

Mix the TPT with unbeaten fresh egg whites.
Separately, boil the sugar with the water until reaching 117ºC.
Add the colouring and pour over the beaten egg whites to create an Italian meringue.
Blend both mixtures and pipe onto baking sheets. 
Leave to dry approximately 10-15 minutes and bake at 160ºC.

Cucumber and Zephyr™ white chocolate couverture ganache

Used products: Cucumber and Zephyr™ white chocolate couverture ganache

Preparation: Cucumber and Zephyr™ white chocolate couverture ganache

Mix the cucumber juice with the milk powder, dissolve the dextrose and cool to about 30ºC.
In intervals, add in the white chocolate couverture melted to about 45ºC.
Incorporate the gelatine and finally emulsify the butter when the mixture has reached about 40/50ºC.
Set aside.



Pipe dots of cucumber ganache on the macaron shells, layering with cucumber cubes.
Sandwich the shells and set aside.
Pipe a dot of quark cheese on the surface and place a cube of cucumber and pumpkin seeds on the top before serving.
Decorate and enjoy!