Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Recipe for approx. 4 mini bonbon log moulds

Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Used products: Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Preparation: Imperial Jasmine tea Alunga™

Prepare an infusion with 500 g of hot water and 70 g Imperial Jasmine tea. Steep for four minutes and then filter.
Weigh out the 330 g required for the recipe and dissolve the sugars and salt in the infusion.
When the temperature of the liquid reaches 25-30º C, pour it over the couverture combined with the anhydrous butter and previously melted at 45º C.
Emulsify well and pre-set at a temperature of 28º C.


Preparation: Assembly

Prepare the mini-buche praline moulds by spraying with black paint. Pour the moulds with Lactée Barry 35.3% cocoa milk chocolate couverture.
Add the truffle filling when it reaches 28º C.
Allow to set for a few hours and then seal the base with milk chocolate couverture.
Unmould and reserve.