Sweet bunny chow

Sweet bunny chow


Cocoa brioche

Used products: Cocoa brioche

Preparation: Cocoa brioche

Mix all the ingredients together.
Separately, cream the butter with the cocoa powder. Spread between two sheets of plastic and once cold, cut into cubes and store in the fridge.
After 10 minutes, or when an elastic dough is obtained, add the cubes of cocoa butter.
Knead until an elastic dough is obtained.
Leave to prove for 90 minutes at room temperature.
Prove for a second time for 15 hours in the fridge.
Cut 40 g pieces, form balls and leave to prove in a stove at max. 30°C.
Bake in a non-fan oven at 200°C, or a steam-assisted oven for 130°C at 60% humidity.

Chocolate ice cream

Used products: Chocolate ice cream

Preparation: Chocolate ice cream

Mix the water with the milk powder and dextrose.
Heat and at 40°C, incorporate the neutral gelatine mixed with sucrose, egg yolks and invert sugar.
At 70°C, add the chocolate and pasteurise the mixture at 85°C.
Blend and cool rapidly to 4°C, mature for 6 to 24 hours maximum with stirring.
Transfer the ice cream to the churner and store at -20°C.
Service temperature -11°C.

Spicy sweet and sour sauce

Used products: Spicy sweet and sour sauce

  • 200 g
  • 150 g
    mango puree
  • 50 g
    balsamic vinegar
  • 20 g
    ginger juice
  • 2 g
    lime zest
  • 2 g
    chili pepper

Preparation: Spicy sweet and sour sauce

Caramelise the sugar and deglaze with the mango purée and vinegar.
Add the ginger, lime zest and hot chilli.
Set aside.

Caramelised almond and sesame

Used products: Caramelised almond and sesame

  • 1000 g
  • 400 g
  • 50 g
    glucose syrup DE 44
  • Q.S.
    equal parts of flaked almond and raw sesame seeds

Preparation: Caramelised almond and sesame

Heat the sugar with the water and glucose syrup.
Bring to the boil and remove from the heat.
Pour over the flaked almonds and sesame seeds and leave to macerate for a few hours.
Sieve to drain off the syrup and spread out on a Silpat.
Toast in a moderate oven, at 140/150°C.


Used products: Others

  • Q.S.
    diced mango
  • Q.S.

Preparation: Others

Open the brioche and place a few pieces of fresh mango inside.
Place a quenelle of chocolate ice cream, drizzle with sweet and sour sauce and finally sprinkle with caramelised almond and sesame seeds and a few shoots.
Serve immediately.