Truffle macaron (tuber Melanosporum)

Truffle macaron (tuber Melanosporum)

Ingredients for approx. 4 pans of 40 macarons
Inspirations : This macaron made with black truffle is a product to take in a special, unique moment. The idea is that it is also an ephemeral product that is only served during the fresh truffle season. The proposal is that only a certain number of units per day are put up for sale and that they are sold in a "unitary" way in an individualized special packaging. The aim is to accentuate this sense of exclusivity and instant luxury during the tasting of this unique product. In the design of the product we have pulverized the macaron with powdered gold and we have placed flakes of fresh truffle and smoked salt.

Roasted hazelnut macaron dough

Used products: Roasted hazelnut macaron dough

  • 500 g
    granulated sugar
  • 230 g
    crushed roasted hazelnuts
  • 250 g
    fine salt
  • 170 g
    fresh egg whites
  • 500 g
  • 180 g
  • 170 g
    egg white

Preparation: Roasted hazelnut macaron dough

Mix the TPT (mix of sugar and ground hazelnuts) with the fresh egg whites, but do not beat.
In another saucepan boil the water and sugar, to 117°C and pour over the whisking egg whites to make an Italian meringue.
Combine the two mixes and pipe the paste onto baking sheets.
Grate some roasted peanuts on top of the macarons.
Let dry for 10-15 minutes, then bake at 160°C.

Lenôtre Passy™ chocolate and black truffle ganache

Used products: Lenôtre Passy™ chocolate and black truffle ganache

  • 500 g
    35% fat liquid cream
  • 50 g
    invert sugar
  • 3 g
  • 65 g
    Black truffle paste
  • 30 g
    fresh butter
  • 70 g
    truffle oil
  • 1 g

Preparation: Lenôtre Passy™ chocolate and black truffle ganache

Heat the whipping cream to around 30°C, then incorporate the inverted sugar, salt, milk protein, and black truffle paste.
Pour over the pre-melted chocolate couverture mixed with the fresh butter and truffle oil.
Emulsify. To finish, incorporate the gelatin.
Pre-crystallize to around 30°C, then set aside.

Parmesan cream

Used products: Parmesan cream

  • 250 g
    whole milk
  • 1 g
  • 6 g
  • 165 g
    parmesan cheese
  • 25 g
    fresh butter

Preparation: Parmesan cream

Mix the milk, salt, and cornstarch.
Heat to around 85°C, then add the grated parmesan.
Mix with an electric mixer, then eventually add the fresh butter.
Set aside.



Cover the inside of the macarons with a crown of black truffle ganache
Pipe a dot of parmesan cream in the center.
Close and set aside for a few hours to saturate the macaron.
Decorate with a few slices of fresh truffle and Maldon salt.