Madagascar cream tart

Madagascar cream tart

Inspirations : I was inspired by the simplicity of the french cream tart. There are only three components so it is crucial that the techniques are executed properly and I wanted all of the ingredients to be good quality with amazing flavor. I chose to use Madirofolo chocolate and remain true to its origin and also use Madagascar vanilla. Having these specific regional flavors in such a simple creation really allows the consumer to connect.

Chocolate macarons

Used products: Chocolate macarons

Preparation: Chocolate macarons

Robot Coupe the ground almond and icing sugar and the cocoa powders.
Make an Italian meringue, boil the sugar and water to 118°C and pour on the whisking 2nd Egg White. Cool the meringue to 50°C.
Add the 1st Egg White into the powders and start adding 1/3 of the meringue, then add the rest.
Dry 10 minutes.
Preheat oven at 160°C and bake at 140°C for 15/16min.

Baked Madirofolo chocolate ganache

Used products: Baked Madirofolo chocolate ganache

Preparation: Baked Madirofolo chocolate ganache

Simmer Cream and sugar.
Pour over chocolate, milk and yolks.
Emulsify with a hand blend.
Pour Into tart shell.
Bake at 120°C for 22 minutes.

Banana soft caramel

Used products: Banana soft caramel

Preparation: Banana soft caramel

Dry caramelize sugar and glucose and deglaze with cream, vanilla bean, banana puree, and salt.
Add the butter and cook to 108°C.
Pour over the milk chocolate.

Caramelized Madagascar bananas

Used products: Caramelized Madagascar bananas

  • 184 g
    fresh banana
  • 66 g
    banana soft caramel

Preparation: Caramelized Madagascar bananas

Combine bananas and banana caramel, and cook in the oven for about 12 minutes.

Madirofolo crémeux

Used products: Madirofolo crémeux

Preparation: Madirofolo crémeux

Simmer milk and cream: Infuse Vanilla bean.
Combine pectin, sugar.
Pour into the hot liquid.
Bring it to 65°C.
Add Madirofolo dark chocolate couverture. Emulsify with hand blender

Vanilla and citrus confit

Used products: Vanilla and citrus confit

  • 168 g
  • 105 g
    lime juice
  • 4 g
    lime zest
  • 3 g
    Madagascar vanilla
  • 114 g
  • 3 g
    325NH95 pectin

Preparation: Vanilla and citrus confit

Infuse zests and the vanilla bean overnight in the water and lime juice.
Add Mix of Sugar and pectin.
Bring to 60°C.

Vanilla mascarpone chantilly

Used products: Vanilla mascarpone chantilly

  • 77 g
    whole milk
  • 61 g
  • 36 g
    gelatin mass *6
  • 131 g
  • 562 g
    35% fat liquid cream
  • 1 g
    Madagascar vanilla

Preparation: Vanilla mascarpone chantilly

Infuse overnight Milk and Vanilla beans.
Heat together the infusion, sugar, and gelatin mass (x6).
Pour over the mascarpone.
Hand blend and add the heavy cream.
Hand blend one more time.
Whip when needed.


Pipe Caramelized Madagascar Bananas in the cooked pastry case.
Pour the ganache on top of the bananas and cook in the oven at 120°C during 22 minutes.
Pour over a small quantity of Vanilla and citrus confit in silicone mould.
Pour over the Madirofolo chocolate ganache and freeze.
Unmould the insert and put it on the tartlets.
Pipe the vanilla chantilly with a pastry potting wheel.
Sprinkle with cocoa powder and decorate with  the chocolate macarons.