Raspberries Kalamansi Candy

Raspberries Kalamansi Candy


Cranberries jelly

Used products: Cranberries jelly

  • 500 g
    cranberry juice
  • 100 g
    caster sugar
  • 10 g
    gelatin 200 Bloom
  • 60 g

Preparation: Cranberries jelly

Boil the cranberries juice and the caster sugar to 80°C/176F. Use the water for hydrating the gelatin. Add the hydrated gelatin. Use at 28°C/82,4F.

Raspberries Kalamansi Ganache

Used products: Raspberries Kalamansi Ganache

Preparation: Raspberries Kalamansi Ganache

Thinly speckle a 3cm half sphere mould with cocoa butter, allow to set. Line the mould with tempered Saint Domingue dark chocolate couverture. Boil the cream, kalamansi pulp, raspberry pulp, glucose syrup, sorbitol and inverted sugar together. Heat to 80°C/176 F, and pour on the Madirofolo and Ghana dark chocolate couverture. Stir the ganache. Let the ganache cool to 27°C/80.6F and then pipe into the moulds. Leave to crystalize and then stick the two half spheres together.

Finish and assembly

Place the chocolate sphere in to the jelly and full immerse. Leave to set in the fridge at +4°C/39,2F then de-mould when set, use a heat gun if needed.