Sparkly purple pastry gun

Used products: Sparkly purple pastry gun

Preparation: Sparkly purple pastry gun

Melt the cocoa butter and the fat soluble purple colouring to 45°C/113F.
Leave to cool to 26°C and spray thinly into the half sphere moulds. The pastry gun should be tilted at 45 degrees while spraying.
Turn upside down to remove excess cocoa butter and leave to crystallize.
Brush an even layer of the sparkling purple Amethyst powder into the mould with a round brush.
Spray another thin layer of the purple cocoa butter and then turn the mould upside down to remove any excess cocoa butter , leave to crystallise.
Temper the Fleur de Cao dark chocolate couverture and mould the half sphere.

Sesame praline

Used products: Sesame praline

  • 100 g
    sesame seed
  • 100 g
  • 8 g
  • 0,5 g

Preparation: Sesame praline

Roast sesame at 150°C/302F for 15 minutes.
Mix together sugar, salt and water, and heat up to 120°C/248F.
Add sesame and make into grainy mixture, caramelise and pour onto tray.
Leave to cool and crush slightly. Set aside a small quantity of the crushed praline.
Then crush the rest into a smooth praline paste. Add in the crushed praline pieces.

Strawberries paste insert

Used products: Strawberries paste insert

Preparation: Strawberries paste insert

Heat the puree at 70°C/158F and then add the yellow pectin and the sugar and bring to boil.
Add in the rest of the sugar and the glucose and cook at 106°C/222,8 F, then add in the acid solution.
Deposit the strawberry jelly into oiled 2cm half sphere moulds and fill to the top.

Coquelicot ganache (2,5g/bonbon)

Used products: Coquelicot ganache (2,5g/bonbon)

Preparation: Coquelicot ganache (2,5g/bonbon)

Infuse the tea in the whipping cream for 24 hour. Pass the infused cream through a chinois and bring to the boil with the invert sugar, glucose and sorbitol. Place cling film on top of the mix and allow to cool to 70°C/158F. Place the two chocolates inside a Stephan food processor, set it to 70 % evacuation and mix for 1 min. Pipe the ganache at 34°C/93,2F and leave 1 mm from the top.

Finish and assembly

Spray thin layer of purple chocolate at 26°C/78,8F into moulds. Temper Fleur de Cao™ dark chocolate and mould thinly. Pipe in the crunchy sesame praline paste and then add the strawberry insert on top. Leave to fully crystallized and then pipe in the ganache at 34°C/93,2F. Leave the ganache to fully crystallized at 16°C/60,8F for 4 hours at least. Cover the ganache with tempered Fleur De Cao dark chocolate couverture. Leave to cool at 16°C/60,8F for 2 hours. De-mould