Tribute to Brooklyn

Tribute to Brooklyn

NY Borough: Brooklyn Black beer and Alunga™ milk chocolate ganache, Caracrakine™ malted crunchy Chocolate used: Alunga™ milk chocolate 41% and Equateur dark chocolate 76% cacao Inspiration: Bonbon shape is inspired by the two arches of the Brooklyn Bridge. In the district of Brooklyn is a great tradition of small companies that produce beer, for this reason we proposed a bonbon with different textures of dark beer and a base crispy malted.

Stout truffle

Used products: Stout truffle

Preparation: Stout truffle

Bring the 425 g of stout to the boil, infuse the hops and, after a few minutes, strain and weigh out the necessary 400 g.
Mix the stout at room temperature with the milk protein, blend the mixture with a hand blender, add the sugars and salt, and dissolve.
Check that the liquid mixture has a temperature of around 25/30ºC and pour it over the mixture of couverture, cocoa butter and anhydrous milk fat, previously melted at around 45ºC.
Emulsify correctly and pre-crystallize up to a temperature of 28ºC.



Pre-crystallize the black paint and, using a spray gun, thinly coat the “Dome” molds, simulating small drops.
Then use a brush and paint lightly with gold powder
Finally, pre-crystallize the Lactée Barry milk chocolate couverture 35.3% cocoa and coat the inside of the bonbon molds.
Measure out the truffle into the molds when it reaches around 28ºC.
Leave to crystallize for a few hours and seal the base with couverture.
Remove from the molds and store.