Recipe for 27 JANA Fresh Patisserie of Futropolis

Chocolate Sponge

Used products: Chocolate Sponge

Preparation: Chocolate Sponge

Heat the yolks with the inverted sugar, and caster sugar. Whip in the planetary mixer. Whip egg whites with sugar and add to the first whipped mixture. Sieve the powders and add them to the whipped mixture. Make an emulsion with the cream and the chocolate and add the mixture. Roll out in thin sheets and bake at 220°C for 9/10 minutes closed hood.


Crispy Wafer

Used products: Crispy Wafer

  • 44,8 g
  • 56 g
  • 56 g
    egg whites
  • 140 g
    icing sugar
  • 21,2 g
    lemon juice
  • 1 g

Preparation: Crispy Wafer

Whip the butter and the flour together with the vanilla. Melt the sugar in the egg whites and the lemon pour onto the whipped mixture. Let rest the mixture in the fridge. Roll out very thin and bake at 180 º C for 7 about minutes.

Raspberry Gelatine

Used products: Raspberry Gelatine

  • 222,5 g
    raspberry pulp
  • 44,5 g
  • 3 g
    agar agar

Preparation: Raspberry Gelatine

Heat half of the pulp and bring to boil together with the sugar and agar agar. Leave it to cool down a little bit before adding the rest of the pulp.


Chocolate Light Mousse

Used products: Chocolate Light Mousse

  • 184 g
  • 38 g
  • 38 g
  • 4,6 g
    gelatine 170 Bloom
  • 23 g
  • 291,4 g
    cream 35% fat

Preparation: Chocolate Light Mousse

Heat the water, sugar, sucrose, dextrose and Cacao Barry chocolate to 45°C. Melt the gelatine and pour it on the liquid. Pour a small quantity of water onto the chocolate and start mixing with the hand blender. Add the remaining water to complete the emulsion. Let it cool down to 35°C and add the semi-whipped cream. Leave it to cool down in the fridge

Anglaise Cream

Used products: Anglaise Cream

  • 135 g
  • 33,7 g
    cream 35% fat
  • 50,5 g
  • 42,5 g
  • 0,5 g

Preparation: Anglaise Cream

Mix together all ingredients and heat to 83°C.

Cheese Cream

Used products: Cheese Cream

Preparation: Cheese Cream

Pour the warm anglaise onto the chocolate, mix and add the gelatine. Add all the cheese while continuing to mix, and in the end add the cream. Cool down in the fridge.