Recipe for 32 bonbons

Almond praliné

Used products: Almond praliné

Preparation: Almond praliné

Make a dry caramel. Put on silicone mat and leave to cool. Crush slightly. Grind together almonds and caramel in a paste with food processor. Mix well melted cocoa butter with almond praline.

Pineapple anise cinnamon ganache

Used products: Pineapple anise cinnamon ganache

Preparation: Pineapple anise cinnamon ganache

Heat puree with anise and cinnamon. Take out spices. Mix together with rest of  ingredients and make an emulsion with food processor at 45°C


Used products: Assembly

Preparation: Assembly

Spray moulds with green and white coloured Cacao Barry - Cocoa Butter 100%. Make the shell with Or Noir. Pipe one mold with pineapple ganache and fill the other mold with praline.