QUALITIES Hazelnut praline emulsion is the equivalent of a classic chocolate ganache. Its possibilities are countless, as this is a very versatile product, which can be combined with any flavours. To sum up, this recipe consists in emulsifying liquid cream with praline paste. Thanks to the oil contained in the praline, the texture stays very smooth even when stored in the fridge. USES This praline emulsion can be used both hot (as a sauce) and cold. Once cooled in the fridge, it is ideal for the assembly of desserts in shot glasses or restaurant desserts due to its smooth and creamy texture. ADVICE At the beginning, the texture will not seem to be homogeneous. This simply indicates the beginning of the emulsification process. Add the rest of the liquid. At the end, it is recommended to use an electric whisk. TECHNICAL INFORMATION 4 to 5 days in the fridge. Can be frozen.  

Basic recipe

Used products: Basic recipe

  • 400 g
    35% fat liquid cream
  • 1 pod(s)

Preparation: Basic recipe

Boil the liquid cream and infuse with vanilla


Used products: Basic recipe

  • 600 g
    Nut and dried fruit praline 50%

Preparation: Basic recipe

Strain and pour it gradually over the praline paste

Emulsify and store in the fridge 

This basic recipe is ideal with different pralines, but if you wish, you can add dried fruit paste to reduce the sugar quantity and to intensify the dried fruit flavour.

Praliné Onctueux caramélisé

Praliné Onctueux Pur Fruit

A l’Ancienne

Used products: A l’Ancienne

Preparation: A l’Ancienne

*N/R : Possible, but not recommended as during the process the praline mixes with the liquids which results in humidity and the loss of a crunchy texture