QUALITIES This glazing is recommended to cover products that will be stored at room temperature. It is not recommended if the products are going to be stored at less than 10°C as the glazing will crack, absorb condensation and will lose the desired effect.   USES To glaze madeleines, cakes, financiers and all other type of products that will be stored at room temperature.   ADVICE It is recommended to keep the product to be glazed cool at 10°C so that the glazing sets quickly once the product is glazed   TECHNICAL INFORMATION Store at room temperature or at approximately 15°C  


Used products: BASIC RECIPE

  • 2000 g
    Nut and dried fruit praline 50%
  • 800 g
    cocoa butter
  • 250 g
    clarified butter

Preparation: BASIC RECIPE

  1. ​​Mix the praline with the previously melted cocoa and anhydrous butters
  2. Pre-crystallize the glaze at 23°C and glaze the products


Nut and dried fruit Pure Pastes 

  • N/R              Pure Hazelnut Paste
  • N/R              Pure Almond Paste

(N/R : Not Recommended)


This basic recipe is created for use with pralines. You can adapt the recipe by using different products from the range following the instructions below :

Praliné Onctueux caramélisé

Praliné Onctueux Pur Fruit

A l’Ancienne