Created by Romain Renard Cacao Barry® chef & Head of CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Dubai

Guayaquil 64% cream

Used products: Guayaquil 64% cream

Preparation: Guayaquil 64% cream

Combine the sugar and the pectin X58. 
Warm up the milk then add the sugar-pectin. Boil for one minute. 
Pour on top of the chocolate. Cool down to 30℃ and pour into the glass.
Set in the fridge for few hours.


Orange blossom espuma

Used products: Orange blossom espuma

  • 350 g
  • 20 g
  • 3 g
    pectin X58
  • 7 g
    orange blossom water

Preparation: Orange blossom espuma

Warm up the milk to 50℃.
Add the sugar and pectin combined together and bring to the boil.  
Add the orange blossom water when the mix is at 30℃. 
Let set in the fridge. 
Pour into the siphon and add two cartridges of gaz. 
Shake well.

Grue Streuzel

Used products: Grue Streuzel

Preparation: Grue Streuzel

Mix the grue and the sugar together. Combine all the ingredients together and mix until your get a dough. 
Make some small balls and baked at 150℃.