Chocolate Citrus Pistachio Drift

Chocolate Citrus Pistachio Drift

14 servings
Citrus is growing all over California, the acidity from the Meyer Lemon marmalade and the floral scent from the Kaffir lime make a perfect balance with the roasted and authentic flavor of the pistachio Gianduja. In this bonbon you will have 3 chocolate features: The Zephyr which will help bring the brightness of vibrant colors inspired by the Kelp Forest from the Ocean and the ripples of water drops. The Lactee Superieure will increase the roasted sensation of the gianduja. Extra Bitter Guayaquil will give a note of strong Cacao flavor and bitterness. The driftwood platter represents the flow from the waves of the ocean.

Lemon Marmalade

Used products: Lemon Marmalade

  • 95 g
    Meyer Lemon Segments
  • 44 g
    lemon peel
  • 135 g
  • 135 g

Preparation: Lemon Marmalade

Blanch Lemon Peel 3 times. Mix all and Cook to 110C. Blend in Robocoupe.

Zephyr Kaffir Lime Ganache

Used products: Zephyr Kaffir Lime Ganache

Preparation: Zephyr Kaffir Lime Ganache

Boil Cream with Vanilla, infuse Kaffir Lime. Pour over Chocolate and butter. Immersion Blend.