65 units
Bonbon evokes the aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean olive groves, capturing the essence in a bonbon and taking you to a dry climate. The bonbon raises awareness about the world we are mistreating. It is a warning that if we don't do things right, we will end up with a drained and waterless world.   MOULD: Pistoles “Cacao Barry” LOCAL INGREDIENTS: Extra virgin olive oil "Vilafranca del Penedès". CHOCOLATE USED: Zéphyr Caramel “Cacao Barry”

Extra virgin Olive oil Cream

Used products: Extra virgin Olive oil Cream

  • 150 g
    extra virgin olive oil
  • 55 g
  • 5 g
    wax concept
  • 0.8 g
    fine salt

Preparation: Extra virgin Olive oil Cream

Melt the cocoa butter, salt and wax concept in a saucepan, add the olive oil and quickly cool to 25ºC/27ºC with the help of a spatula and the table.
Pipe into the moulds and refrigerate for about 15/20 min.

White chocolate lemon ganache

Used products: White chocolate lemon ganache

Preparation: White chocolate lemon ganache

eat the lemon juice 1 with the zest, sugars and salt to 85ºC.
Emulsify with the white chocolate Zéphyr  and cocoa butter previously melted at 35/40ºC.
Strain and finish emulsifying with the cold lemon juice 2.
Allow the recipe to cool to 25/27ºC and pipe into the moulds.

Bonbon coating

Preparation: Bonbon coating

Paint 1

Preparation: Bonbon coating

Paint 2

With the stamp and a sponge, mark the moulds.
Allow to crystallize and paint 1/5 of the bonbon with black paint.
Apply 3 coats of Zéphyr Caramel paint to the mould, allowing each coat to crystallize.


Mark the moulds with the stamp and dark chocolate, paint the layers with black paint and Zéphyr Caramel.
Once crystallized, fill half of the mould with the oil cream, crystallize and finish filling with the ganache.
To close the bonbon, paint 2 coats with the same Zéphyr Caramel paint.
Leave to rest for 24 hours before removing from the mould.