With this Bonbon, I tried to bring the tangy flavor of orange  combined with chocolate ganache  and to uplift the contrast with crunchy hazelnut praline.

Orange coulis

Used products: Orange coulis

  • 42 g
    Fresh orange juice
  • 2 g
    Orange peel
  • 0.35 g
    Pectine yellow
  • 0.1 g
    agar agar
  • 3 g

Preparation: Orange coulis

Heat up the orange juice and orange peel

Mix sugar,pectine and agar agar adding in to the hot mixture boil for 1 minute and strain  

Leave the coulis 30℃ in refrigerator

Mix before use

Hazelnut praline crunch

Used products: Hazelnut praline crunch

Preparation: Hazelnut praline crunch

Melt the cacao butter and adding into couverture

Cool down the mixture for 28c’ before counting the molds.

Sprinkle the chopped hazelnut in to the molds

Ganache Or Noir “Thenuli”

Used products: Ganache Or Noir “Thenuli”

Preparation: Ganache Or Noir “Thenuli”

Boil the cream and glucose 

Pour over the coverture and mix.

Add the butter and mix

Cover and leave to cool down

Assembly and finishing

Temper EXTRA BITTER GUAYAQUIL 64% and couting the  mold  crystallize.

Couting with the hazelnut praline and sprinkle the chopped hazelnut 

Pipe coulis half in to the mold and cover other half with the Or Noir “THENULI”ganache and leave to crystallize at 5c’ for 20 minutes. cap with EXTRA BITTER GUAYAQUIL 64%