Hungary is rich in natural lakes and rivers like Balaton or Danube. Enjoying long summer evenings on the shore is one of the most peaceful moments. I want to evoke this feeling with the wave shape and ingredients from the farmers around the Lake Balaton while I highlight their taste profiles with my own Or Noir chocolate, Epiqure.

Almond Praline

Used products: Almond Praline

  • 500 g
    whole blanched almonds
  • 200 g
  • 8 g

Preparation: Almond Praline

Toast the almonds at 150°C for 23 minutes.  

Make dry caramel with sugar.  

Blend together and add salt.


Quince – Summer Savory Gel

Used products: Quince – Summer Savory Gel

  • 300 g
    quince puree
  • 9 g
    summer savory
  • 100 g
    glucose syrup
  • 20 g
  • 5 g
    Pectine NH
  • 3 g
    Citric acid
  • 3 g

Preparation: Quince – Summer Savory Gel

Infuse quince puree with summer savory for 10 minutes. Then strain and rescale. 

Heat infused puree with glucose syrup at 45°C then add sugar and pectin. 

Bring to boil and cook for 1 minute then mix in the citric acid and water.


Epiqure (Or Noir) Ganache

Used products: Epiqure (Or Noir) Ganache

  • 380 g
    cream 35%
  • 56 g
  • 34 g
    glucose syrup
  • 300 g
    Cacao Barry -Epicure Or Noir chocolate 70%

Preparation: Epiqure (Or Noir) Ganache

Warm cream, trimoline, glucose syrup to 40°C. 

Melt the Epiqure chocolate. 

Mix together and make emulsion with a hand blender.


Assembly and finishing

After finishing the chocolate shell, pipe the almond praline and let it set for a few minutes. Then pipe the Summer savory gel then top with the Epiqure ganache. Finally closed the shell.