Topic: #Renewable Flavors: Yuzu, Sichuan pepper & white, milk & dark chocolate As the name states, this is a re-newed design. It is renewed in terms of using a standard mold in a new way, as well as a décor, I have used previously, also in a new way, to a flavor combo, which I have played with. everything renewed.

Yuzu fluid gel

Used products: Yuzu fluid gel

  • 350 g
    yuzu puree
  • 50 g
  • 270 g
  • 5 g
    agar agar

Preparation: Yuzu fluid gel

- Heat the yuzu puree and glucose 

- Mix in the sugar

- Add agar mix and bring to the boil 

- Pour in a container to set and smooth with a stick blender


Northern magic milk chocolate ganache

Used products: Northern magic milk chocolate ganache

  • 170 g
    cream 35% fat
  • 85 g
  • 250 g
    Northern magic milk chocolate
  • 85 g
    salted butter

Preparation: Northern magic milk chocolate ganache

- Heat the cream and glucose 

- Pour over the chocolate and emulsify 

- Insert the butter and emulsify again


Assembly and finishing

- Pipe the yuzu gel into the bottom part of the bonbon 

- Place the Madirofolo/sichuan disc on top of it, peppers up. 

- Close with the other half of a bonbon, previously cut open 

- Pipe the ganache on top of the disc, so that it spreads all around 

- Finish with the prizm snowflake