After Dinner

After Dinner

After Dinner” speaks to the playful soul of Generation Z, a Generation that thrives on sharing playful games and unrepeatable and personalized experiences. After Dinner gives tablemates the uniqueness of a taste experience to live and share. The dessert is greedy and not forbidden and the drink accompanying the tasting gives it a healthy, purifying and detoxifying touch. The Red Thread is present in all my assignments and represents my point of view on the Generation Z. The thread unites, since it is a recurring element, but divides, because it represents the two "faces" of the GenZ (healthy / unhealthy, traditional / innovative, local / global, perfect / imperfect). Everything is connected and enclosed in the soul of the GenZ, but everything is the opposite of everything, everything has a clear personality and identity, but everything has no identity, no label (Queer, gender fluid). Each work presented itself and its alter ego.

Cocoa short pastry

Used products: Cocoa short pastry

Preparation: Cocoa short pastry

Mix the butter and the powders until sandy

Add sugar, eggs, salt and vanilla pulp and work the product until homogeneous

Spread on a micro-perforated silicone mat

Cover with a microperforated mat and bake at 150°C, 8 min


Vanilla financier

Used products: Vanilla financier

  • 90 g
    flour w130
  • 38 g
    potato starch
  • 103 g
    powdered sugar
  • 64 g
  • 1 g
    vanilla bean
  • 295 g
    egg whites
  • 26 g
  • 192 g
    Butter 82% fat
  • 103 g
    white anhydrous butter
  • 282 g
    almond powder
  • 6 g
    baking powder

Preparation: Vanilla financier

In a food processor mix the flour, starch, powdered sugar and maltitol

Heat the egg white with the tremoline and the vanilla pulp

Add the egg white mixture into the food processor

Bring the butter and the anhydrous butter to a boil

Add the butter into the food processor

Add almond powder and baking powder into the food processor

Spread on a silicone mat

Bake at 165°C, 7,5 min

Fleur de cao and jasmine cremeux

Used products: Fleur de cao and jasmine cremeux

Preparation: Fleur de cao and jasmine cremeux

Pour the jasmine flowers into the liquids, cover with cling film and bring to 70 ° C

Leave to infuse for 10 min

Filter the product and restore liquids with milk

Add the glucose syrup and pour the liquids over the melted chocolate

Emulsify and leave to cool

Use at 28°C


Mascarpone cream

Used products: Mascarpone cream

  • 404 g
  • 193 g
    35% cream
  • 1,5 g
    vanilla bean
  • 386 g
  • 12 g
    powdered gelatin (170 bloom)

Preparation: Mascarpone cream

Heat the liquids with the powdered gelatin and the vanilla pulp to 55°C

Pour liquids over the mascarpone and emulsify with an immersion blender



Used products: Infusions

  • 1100 g
    litchi puree
  • 25 g
    hibiscus infusion
  • 12,5 g
    cocoa pulp
  • 2100 g
    litchi pure
  • 50 g
    elderberry infusion
  • 15 g
    cocoa pulp
  • 320 g
    blueberry puree
  • 60 g
  • 1 g
    lavender infusion
  • 16 g
    cocoa pulp
  • 24 g
    raspberry puree
  • 20 g
    rose petals infusion
  • 56 g
  • 20 g
    cocoa pulp
  • 5100 g
    rosehip infusion
  • 15 g
    cocoa pulp
  • 6100 g
    cocoa nibs infusion
  • 20 g
    cocoa pulp

Preparation: Infusions

Store in the fridge the numbered bottles.

Assembly and finishing

Pour the cremino into the Monalisa 3D chocolate shell

Pipe the mascarpone cream and let set

Pipe the blackcurrant jelly and let set

Pipe the cream and let it crystallize

Arrange the financier and pipe the mascarpone cream

Repeat the steps

Cap the dessert with the shortcrust pastry

Store in the fridge