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Hazelnut Chocolate Ganache

Used products: Hazelnut Chocolate Ganache

Preparation: Hazelnut Chocolate Ganache

Step 1. Boil the orange flower and the cream
Step 2. Pour it on the hazelnut praline and the chocolate Alunga
Step 3. Mix together until emulsion

Yuzo Jelly

Used products: Yuzo Jelly

  • 120 g
    orange juice
  • 110 g
    YUZO puree
  • 140 g
    mango puree
  • 30 g
  • 8 g
    NH pectin

Preparation: Yuzo Jelly

Step 1. Mix together the sugar and the pectine NH
Step 2. Boil the liquids 
Step 3. Add the boiled sugar and and the pectine to the liquids
Step 4. Then boil the mixture for 1 min 
Step 5. Stir the mixture a put in the piping bag

Crispy hazelnut

Used products: Crispy hazelnut

Preparation: Crispy hazelnut

Step 1. Cook and chop the hazelnut
Step 2. Melt the chocolate alunga, the butter and the cocoa butter (Mycryo) together
Step 3. Add the praline Hazelnut, the salt and the chopped hazelnut into a bowl
Step 4. Spread the mixture onto the stencil
Step 5. Put it in the the fridge

Assembly and finishing

Assembly step 1. Put the stencil logo in the mold
Assembly step 2. Spray the brown cocoa butter then remove the stencil before the cocoa butter sets
Assembly step 3. Spray the green cocoa butter
Assembly step 4. Put the chocolate in the mold
Assembly step 5. Pipe the YUZO puree in 2/3 of the mold
Assembly step 6. Pipe 1/3 of the HAzelnut ganache 
Assembly step 7. Put the crispy hazelnut on top