Sarrasin drop

Sarrasin drop

TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE: I worked with buckwheat for my chocolate bonbon. because this product is at the centre of farming history in Brittany. FLAVOURS IN YOUR CREATION:  dark chocolate shell milky ganache infused with sobacha (buckwheat tea) crispy buckwheat nougatine buckwheat praliné INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR CREATION:  For this creation I sought inspiration in typical flavours from my region, Brittany, which is a mainly agricultural region. As a farmer’s son, I grew up surrounded with buckwheat fields that my dad grew. I  decided to honour buckwheat  in my creation by working it in different textures. The shape of the bonbon reminds of a water drop touching a pebble, as we have in our rivers.

Buckwheat nougatine

Used products: Buckwheat nougatine

  • 20 g
    glucose DE 60
  • 20 g
  • 20 g
  • 19 g
    churned butter 82% fat
  • 28 g
    buckwheat silvers

Preparation: Buckwheat nougatine

Heat up Glucose, add Cassonade and butter.
Cook, then add the buckwheat slivers.


Assembly and finishing

In the top shell , pipe Sobacha Ganache.
In the second shell, pipe the praliné then add the nougatine disc.
Assemble the 2 sides.