Recipe for 240 units for macaron shells
Uses :Use the macaron shells as they are with your choice of filling, or use the macaron to decorate cakes or assemble desserts. Tips : For best results, before baking, air-dry the macaron shells until a skin forms; the time this takes depends on the recipe and the space where they shells are left to dry, usually 15 to 30 minutes. For a smoother texture and finish, run the ground almonds and sugar through a food processor until a fine and smooth powder is obtained. What is the best cocoa powder? Légère 1% Why?  Using a standard cacao powder alters the Macaron structure due to its high fat content. This low fat cacao powder with less than 1% cocoa butter is therefore the perfect solution for aerated recipes such as macarons and meringues. The Légère 1% cacao powder gives a better volume and a lighter end product compared to a standard cacao powder. After mixing the Légère 1% with the batter, less air is lost. Moreover, this unique cacao powder delivers a very nice fudgy chocolate taste with pleasant hazelnut notes. Scientific recommendations: The whisked egg whites lend airiness to the texture, while the sugar (which traps water and crystalizes on the surface) makes for a marshmallowy core and crispy exterior, and the ground almonds provide chewiness. The macaron represents the pinnacle of patisserie. If you use a high fat cacao powder (20/22 or 22/24), the network structure of the albumin that encloses the air bubbles is broken. The hydrophobic proteins in the egg whites will be attracted to the fat. This breaks the molecular network and releases the trapped air.  
Room temperature : Not recommended | Refrigeration: Possible | Freezing: Possible

Cacao powder macaron

Used products: Cacao powder macaron

Preparation: Cacao powder macaron

1 Sift the ground almonds with the cacao powder and the sugar, or run
through a food processor.
2 Add the egg whites #1, (unwhipped) and mix into a paste.
3 Boil the sugar with the water, bring to a temperature of 117°C and pour
onto the whisked egg whites #2 to create an Italian meringue.
4 Combine the two mixtures and pipe dots of the resulting batter onto a
baking sheet.
5 Let dry for 10-15 minutes and bake in the oven at 160°C.