Hazelnut truffles

Hazelnut truffles

300 pieces
The roasted cacao taste of Cacao Barry's 100% natural cocoa powder adds an extra dimension of flavour to these unique truffles and harmonizes with the rich hazelnut flavour.   
Room temperature: in a chocolate room at 16°C with 55% humidity

Hazelnut Praline

Used products: Hazelnut Praline

  • 1000 g
    Toasted Hazelnut with skin
  • 450 g
  • 2 g
    Vanilla beans
  • 10 g
    Sea salt
  • 335 g
    Chopped toasted hazelnuts without skin
  • 450 g
    Cocoa Butter

Preparation: Hazelnut Praline

1 Caramelized the sugar and pour on the toasted hazelnuts, fleur de sel and vanilla beans. Allow to cool down.
2 Grind using a blender and then a stone grinder until smooth.
3 Allow to cool.
4 Add the chopped toasted hazelnut.
5 Add the cocoa butter metled at 40°C.
6 Temper on the marble table at 22°C, add in the mixer, using the flat paddle and mix.
7 Spread on a 11mm thick frame.