Couronne Brioche

Couronne Brioche

I wanted to create a shareable filled brioche, multi texture with the dough, craquelin and pastry cream Cacao Powder Collection added value: The Légère 1% Cacao Powder does not add any unnecessary fats and helps getting a better volume on the dough. On the contrary, Extra Brute Cacao Powder is used for its high fat content to bring a nice texture. Tips: Do not overmix the brioche dough has it may develop too much volume and rip
Room temperature: advised; Refrigeration: not advised ;Freezing: possible


Used products: Brioche

Preparation: Brioche

1 Combine all ingredients and mix 5 min at low speed then 6 min at medium speed.
2 Pre-shape.
3 For first fermentation, cover and allow to rest at room temperature for 1 hour.
Rest overnight in a refrigerator.


Used products: Craquelin

Preparation: Craquelin

1 Soften the butter and sugar
2 Sift the other ingredients together and add to the butter
3 Once homogenious, roll to 1.6mm thickness


Used products: Glacage

Preparation: Glacage

1 Bloom the gelatin powder in water #1.
2 Bring the water, cacao powder, cream, glucose and sugar to a simmer.
3 Bring the ingredients to a boil and add the bloomed gelatin.
4 Add in the neutral glaze.
5 Blend, strain and refrigerate.
6 Use at 40°C.


Divide the brioche into 200gr pieces.
Shape the brioche and place into a 18cm rings.
Proof for 1.5 hour at 27°C and 75% RH.
Cut and place the craquelin on top of the proofed brioche.
Fill the center with pastry cream.
Bake at 150°C for 25 mn.
Once cooled, glaze the pastry cream and dust with icing sugar.


I've never made anything filled with pastry cream before baking.

Are these directions correct?