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12 bars measuring 6x6x2cm
This bar is especially dedicated to Artisans Chocolatiers. (This is not the right translation) This bar is especially indicated for the segment of artisan chocolatiers. It is an energy bar that has a more handmade aspect, compared to a standard, industrial bar.  This energy bar is particularly nourishing, high in fibre and low in sugar. The fats found in the gianduja, naturally present in the pecan nuts used, are high in unsaturated fats.  This pecan gianduja has a high proportion of Légère 1%, a special defatted cacao powder with a high cacao solids content, rich in polyphenols. This bar uses Légère 1% Cacao Powder from the Performante range. This cacao powder contains only 1% fat, meaning that it has a higher polyphenol content compared to other cacao powders. Its rich, dark chocolate flavour has notes of red berries and hazelnuts.    
Room temperature only, at 16/18ºC for storage and 18/20 to be served.


Used products: CEREAL MIX

Preparation: CEREAL MIX

  1. Prepare the cocoa syrup, mixing the glucose syrup DE 40 and the cacao powder.
  2. Combine all of the dry ingredients and add 180g of the previously prepared cacao syrup.
  3. Mix and pour into the desired moulds.


Used products: CHOCOLATE PAINT


  1. Separately, melt the chocolate and the cocoa butter.
  2. Combine, add cacao powder, sieve and temper the paint.
  3. Paint the bars when the preparation is around 30-31°C. 


  1. Pour the cereal mixture into the moulds, leave to set and unmould. 
  2. Temper the pecan filling and pour some into the same mould used previously for the bar, no need to measure exact quantities.
  3. Put the cereal bar back into the mould so that it sticks to the pecan filling. 
  4. Leave to set for a few hours, unmould and lastly paint with the chocolate paint.

TIPS :  When filling the moulds with the cereal mixture, gloves and a small amount of oil are recommended to prevent the mixture from sticking to your hands. Place the mixture in the moulds and then press to achieve a solid mass of cereals in the desired shape.