Ingrid Marie

Ingrid Marie

76 servings
Ingrid Marie apples make the base of the balsamic reduction and are complemented by a little blackcurrant juice. A ganache on the fruity Mexique chocolate infused with blackcurrant buds, which draw your thoughts towards blooming flowers, accompanied by crunchy cocoa nibs, and altogether encapsulated in a thin shell of intense Venezuela chocolate.

Balsamic apple vinegar reduction

Used products: Balsamic apple vinegar reduction

  • 250 ml
    balsamic apple vinegar
  • 50 g
    liquid glucose
  • 50 g
    blackcurrant juice

Preparation: Balsamic apple vinegar reduction

Reduce to 125 ml

Blackcurrant buds ganache

Used products: Blackcurrant buds ganache

Preparation: Blackcurrant buds ganache

Bring the cream, invert sugar and blackcurrant buds to a boil. Blend with hand mixer and strain over chocolate.
Incorporate butter at 40°C. Pipe in to moulds at 32°C.


Preparation: Asssembly

Make small dots with the light brown cocoa butter. Spray the mould with red cocoa butter, remove the pvc and spray with green cocoa butter. Make the shell with Cacao Barry® 72% Venezuela chocolate added 10 % cocoa butter.

Leave to set.

Pipe the balsamic reduction into the mould. Fill in cocoa nibs. Pipe the ganache into the mould. Scrape off the excess ganache and sprinkle with finely ground cocoa nibs. Decorate with chocolate decoration.