Are you ready to become the World Chocolate Master 2018?

Vincent Vallée at WCM 2015

The art of chocolate is an art of deliciousness. At the same time it is a great challenge of artistry, passion, perseverance, precision and of course creativity.

Every two (from now on every three) years Cacao Barry challenges the most passionate pastry chefs and chocolatiers worldwide to show their mastery in the celebrated international competition ‘World Chocolate Masters’. Last year Vincent Vallée from France was crowned the winner. The World Chocolate Masters competition is due again in 2018, so Vincent is keeping the winners title for three years!

Alistair Birt, the UK contestant at WCM 2015
Vincent Vallée, the WCM 2015 winner

“During the competition Vincent Vallée set a whole new standard for innovation and creativity,” said Jean-Michel Perruchon, president of the jury of renowned chefs and food specialists. “The title of World Chocolate Master is a tribute to the skill, ingenuity and vision he has shown during the final.”
Vincent has won a unique trip to a cocoa plantation and was honoured by getting a chance to display his competition creations at the Harrods department store in London for a world exclusive sale during the Valentine’s Day campaign. A cheque of 5.000 € and 5.000 € worth of KitchenAid equipment also came his way. Gifts are lovely, but what really counts is the recognition of being the best among the best in the world and the many doors that open with this title.

Now we at Cacao Barry are getting ready for the next competition which will happen in October 2018. We are looking forward to getting to know new contestants who are preparing themselves for this great challenge. As the first step they will compete at the national competitions which will happen in 2017 (in the UK in October 2017) and the winner of every national competition will have the honour to represent their country at the world final.

Alistair Birt, the UK contestant at WCM 2015

To kick start the competition  Cacao Barry is organising a social gathering with some of the best British pastry chefs on Thursday this week at Lima Floral to present the competition and its theme. The theme will be the inspiration and stimulus behind every creation of the chocolatiers and pastry chefs competing for the important title.

We are looking forward to revealing the theme to you on our blog and to receiving the applications of all the candidates who decided to compete. Untill then - enjoy some highlights from last year’s competition: