A pioneering journey of flavor and creativity in pastry

Fueled by over 175 years of cacao and chocolate expertise across the world, Cacao Barry® innovates and supports both farmer’s and chef’s needs to design the most bespoke pastry creations. With an innate understanding of the very source, Cacao Barry® brings the most unique cacao from remarkable places to ensure the focus is on bringing the most unique cacao from remarkable places to unbox chef’s creativity.

As former coffee and tea merchant, the Barry family set the standard in 1842. By travelling to Africa to seek out and harvest a selection of cocoa beans to transform them into the most refined and delicate cocoa and chocolate products. Bought by the enterprising Lacarre family in 1923, the company was catapulted into the international arena, while further investing in cocoa plantations, factories and communities in both Africa and South America.

With a dedication to bring professionals the very best in taste, Cacao Barry® launched the iconic Excellence and Lactée Barry as the first amongst couverture chocolates (1952). To further advance the quality of pastry, Cacao Barry® introduced the pastry and confectionary expertise with in-house academies (1973). With the Le Nôtre partnership (1974), Cacao Barry® became the undisputed leading chocolate brand in french pastry as it continously evolved the pastry segment with innovations like moulds (1976), “pistoles” chocolate format (1988), pailletté feuilletine (1989) and Cara Crakine (2011).

Our profound knowledge and strong roots in plantations, has enabled Cacao Barry® to offer true diversity of flavour and origin by launching a range of Single Origines couvertures (1994). As chocolate evolved into the world, so did chefs’ needs for differentiation and inspiration. With the launch of Millésime Single Plantations (2006) and Or Noir (2007), Cacao Barry® has given chefs access remarkable flavours from remarkable places. Dedicated to the principles of traceability and sustainability throughout the entire process, Cacao Barry® developed Pureté (2013), a range of intense flavours due to controlled fermentation, a technology that allows us to further unlock the sensorial richness of cocoa.

The launch of the World Chocolate Masters (2005), the only global competition 100% aimed at chocolate, has built new trends and have brought chefs international success. With 20 Chocolate Academy Centers™ around the globe, Cacao Barry® aims to keep inspiring and elevating the knowledge, technique and creativity of the next generation of chefs.

The new RaRe Chocolates Collection (2017) represents the commitment Cacao Barry® has towards sustaining and proctecting the diversity and bespokeness of origin cacao flavor. Cacao Barry® launches in 2015 CacaoCollective, a chefs comunity dedicated to inspiration, information and creativity around chocolate. CacaoCollective is their playground : created for Chefs / by Chefs. Explore CacaoCollective and #UnboxCreativity!