Gen (spring in Japanese) - recipe by Palle Sørensen

Gen by Palle Sørensen

This time the recipe comes from Denmark, from pastry chef and chocolatier Palle Sørensen and it talks of spring.

Photo: Thomas Bjerre Olesen


4 eggs
1 eggwhite
80 g sugar
A bit of salt
40 g wheat flour
25 g ginger juice

Mix all the ingredients for a few minutes, and pour into a syphon.
Charge it with two cartridges and fill a cardboard cup half full. Bake in a microwave oven for 1 minute.
Let it cool and break into bits.
Spray with the ginger juice and dust with blended green tea.


1 egg (60 gram) 
30 gram icing sugar
30 gram sugar 
40 gram plain flour 
20 gram Cocoa powder 

Mix all the ingredients, pour into a small piping bag, pipe a branch in hot oil and cook for a few minutes. 
Place on paper and dust with blended green tea.
Allow to cool. 

Vacuumed apple balls

1 apple ball
1 dl Ginger juice 
Juice of 1 lemon 

Boil the ginger juice and lemon juice. 
Mix with dill and pour on to the apples in a vaccum bag 
Vaccuum the apples.

Chocolate herb plates:

2 layers of thin white tempered chocolate with herbs in between.

Green glaze:

195 g water
300 g sugar 
300 g glucose 
215 g condensed milk
8 sheets of gelantine 
350 g of Cacao Barry Zephyr white chocolate

Bring water, sugar and glucose to boil. 
Add condensed milk and gelatine. 
Add the white chocolate and blend with colour.
Use at a temperature of 33 C.

Black glaze:

200 g of cold gel
65 g water 

Mix together with colour 
Use at temperature of 40 degrees C.

Basic cream:

38 g whole milk
38 g cream
8 g sugar 
18 g egg yolks 

Mix all the ingredients and heat while stirring until the temperature is 72 C.

Chocolate Stone:

100 g cream 
150 g whipped cream 
1,4 lvs sheets of gelantine 
90 g Cacao Barry Ambre Java milk chocolate 
20 g gianduja 
40 g caramalised salted hazelnuts 

Add the gelatine to the hot cream 
Then add the melted chocolate and gianduja. 
At 30 C gently fold in the whipped cream and add the hazelnuts.
Choose your favorite mould (I made my own shaped as a Stone).


Clear tube with dill and apple juice:

Blown sugar /isomalt tube filled with dill and apple juice. 



Place 3 White chocolate cards with herbs on the plate.
Place the apple balls
Add the sponge cake.
Add the branches.
Fill the caramel tubes with apple juice and dill and then place them on the plate
For the final touch, add the chocolate stone.