Jacopo Brunis’s 2017 and his signature Red Velvet (with recipe)


“The year 2017 has been for me a year of a great personal growth. I finished my London adventure, full of satisfactions, and on a personal level with my marriage. In February 2018 I am moving to Shanghai, still working for the same hotel group - at EDITION Shanghai, which is part of Marriott’s Ritz Carlton, again in collaboration with Jason Atherton. I couldn’t be happier.
For me the most important desserts of this year were our red velvet (created for the Shanghai EDITION hotel as the signature dessert), Alaska and chocolate panettone. I love panettone - it is like a Christmas tree for me.
To all of you I am wishing a happy 2018 and best of luck! I am happy to share with you my red velvet.”

Jacopo Bruni

Red Velvet fondant

Cream cheese icing

1362g cream cheese
681 g soft butter
681 g icing sugar

Whip butter  and  sugar untill light and fluffy, mix with the cream cheese , beat on high speed 5 minutes

Red Velvet cake

1610 g  Flour t45
850 g Soft butter
2285 g sugar
15 eggs
30 g red strawberry colour
70 g Cacao Barry Cocoa powder extra brute
35 g Vanilla extract
30 g salt
1815 g buttermilk
35 g white vinegar
35 g baking soda

Cream butter and sugar, carefully and.gradually add the eggs. Add buttermilk with the colourant alternated with the dry cacao in 3 stages and the vinegar at the end.
160c fan 2 15/20 min, pour 1300gr for tray


500 g red baked velvet cake
1000 g water
100 g golden syrup

White Chablone

1000 g Cacao Barry Zephyr chocolate
1000 g cacao butter

Blackberry sorbet

110 g mineral water
105 g sugar
51 g glucose powder
5 g super neutrose
13 g lemon juice
1000 g blackberry puree

Mix the powders together add to the boil water, bring to 85C. Cool down to 20C and add lemon juice and berry puree.


For one red velvet:

• Place 1x6cm sponge cake disk
• Spread cream cheese frosting
• Place 1x6cm sponge cake disk on top with one fondant insert in the middle
• Spread cream cheese frosting
• Place 1x6cm spongecake disk on top
• Frost the cake with a first coating of cream cheese frosting, with a plain scraper or palette
• Cool down
Frost with a second coating of cream cheese frosting and decorate with a jagged edge scraper all around the cake, keeping the top plain and smooth.


Using a palette knife place the cake in the center of a dessert bowl plate, top with one blackberry on the left hand side of the top. Place a quenelle of blackberry sorbet on the right hand side of the top of the cake, next to the blackberry.
Top the quenelle with 3 chocolate sticks, 18cm long, crossing on top of the quenelle, giving height to the dessert.