La Esmeralda by Vianney Bellanger


La Esmeralda by Vianney Bellanger

Discover Vianney Bellanger Christmas log : Le Carrousel ! 

On the occasion of the presentation of the Relais Desserts logs at the Pavillon Seine, Vianney Bellanger made us fall back into childhood with his Carrousel. The magic of a merry-go-round combined with a three chocolates gourmet log that puts our rare chocolate Cacao Barry La Esmeralda in the spotlight ! A 74% dark couverture chocolate with intense cacao taste and citrus notes.

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Carrousel : cocoa roulade biscuit, cocoa crispy streuzel, creamy cocoa La Esmeralda, criollo chocolate mousse. To be served with cocoa custard and crispy pearls.

Did you know? The rolled log technique was created by Christophe Renou (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in 2016.