Looking forward to the UK & Ireland pre-selections for WCM 2017 with Quentin Bechard


Six great, super talented pastry chefs and chocolatiers will this year compete in the UK pre-selection for the international competition of the World Chocolate Masters (WCM). The competition is just around the corner, so we are checking how the preparations are going. Today we are talking to Quentin Bechard.

There are less than two weeks to the UK WCM. How do you feel?

I am really impatient! I am enjoying the pressure of the final weeks, it is so exciting!

How are your preparations going?

I had a hard time with the dishes, but I am finally happy with the result. I can't wait to display them!

What is most challenging?

It was particularly hard to combine such a wide set of skills. This competition is not just about being a Chef, you have to develop new ideas, create a story around it, offer something different etc...

What went easier than you thought?

The sculpture. I am having so much fun sculpting and the theme Futropolis is really inspiring.

Are you getting lots of support from your colleagues and other people? Is there anybody you would like to thank especially?

I am really grateful to all my colleagues who provide a good environment for me to practice as much as I can. But I couldn't do any of this without the support of my fiancée, she has really invested into this journey with me and helps me a lot!

Are you enjoying the theme Futropolis?

-I absolutely love it! I loved it the second it was released because there are so many possibilities.

How is it inspiring you?

It really pushed me to reflect on how the future could/should be like and what I could do to be part of a change I would like to see happening. I've learnt a lot during my time practicing and it really challenged me in a positive way.

What is your vision of the future of desserts?

As I recently opened my mind to veganism I cannot see myself using product such as dairy, eggs and gelatin in my desserts. There is still a lot to discover when it comes to plant based desserts.

Is there anything in the pastry world today that you dislike?

I would like to see Chefs using more plant based alternative products such as agar-agar (or something else) instead of gelatin. It could make pastry accessible to a larger public.

How would you make it better?

There are still many unexplored possibilities of plant based pastry and I'm ready to experiment and make it happen.

What have you learnt through your journey to this competition?

The World Chocolate Masters gave me an amazing opportunity to experiment, try new flavours and new techniques that I had never thought of before and I am really grateful for that.

Are you ready to win?

I feel I've learnt so much during this adventure that I already won something. Now I am simply ready to give the best of me!