Opulence choux by Maxime Michelot, the winner of UK Junior Chocolate Masters

Opulence choux by Maxime Michelot

Enjoy this lovely recipe created by the talented Maxime Michelot, the new UK Junior Chocolate Master.

For the chocolate choux dough:

- 155g of milk
- 155g of water
- 18g of sugar
-  4g of salt
- 125g of butter
- 155g of flour
- 19g of Cacao Barry Extra Brute cocoa powder
-  312g of egg
TOTAL : 943g



In a saucepan, bring to the boil milk, salt, sugar and butter. Remove from the heat and stir in the sifted flour and cocoa powder. Return to the heat and dry out the mixture. Gradually add the eggs.
Use a n°10 nozzle to pipe  6.5cm large choux buns. Cover with cocoa craquelin. Bake in a convection oven at 170°C for 35min.

Opulence choux by Maxime Michelot

For the craquelin:

- 200g of flour
- 200g of sugar
- 160g of butter
- 20g of Cacao Barry Extra Brute cocoa powder
TOTAL: 380g


In a mixer fitted with the paddle mix all ingredients to a homogenous paste. Spread the pastry between two pieces of baking paper then fit into a 60cm x 40cm tray.
Put in the freezer for 5 minutes before cutting into discs with a 70mm cutter.
Take off the baking paper and cover your choux bun with the craquelin before baking.

For the chantilly Alunga :

- 262g of cream
- 30g of glucose
- 30g of staboline
- 375g of Cacao Barry Alunga chocolate
- 715g of UHT cream
TOTAL: 1412g


Bring to the boil the cream, glucose and staboline. Pour over the chocolate and add the UHT cream. Keep in the fridge.

Opulence choux by Maxime Michelot

For the dark chocolate cremeux tonka:

- 113g of milk
- 113g of cream
- 25g of staboline
- 45g of yolk eggs
- 210g of Cacao Barry Exellence dark chocolate
- 1 bean of tonka


Make a custard cooked at 85°C with milk, cream, the inverted sugar and the egg yolks. Pour over the dark chocolate and mix to obtain a smooth consistency.
Keep aside in the refrigerator.

Chocolate cigarette:

Take some crystallised chocolate and put on the marble.
When it starts to be set, use a metal scraper to create small fine cigarettes.

Assembly and decoration:

Cut the large choux on the top to make a hole and half fill it with the chantilly Alunga. Put the chocolate cremeux tonka in the center of the choux and finish filling with the chantilly Alunga. Finish by piping some dots of chocolate cremeux and chantilly Alunga on top of the choux. Garnish with the chocolate cigarettes amongst the dots and add a flower and a piece of gold leaf in the center.

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