Orange bomb by Davide Comaschi


Davide Comaschi, the director of the Cacao Barry Chocolate Academy in Milan and World Chocolate Master, is sharing with us one of his favourite Christmas recipes. We hope it inspires you!


Orange flavoured sugar
Chocolate Sable
Extra Bitter Guyalquil dark chocolate mousse
Orange mousse
Glossy ganache
Extra bitter Guyalquil dark chocolate chablon

Orange flavoured sugar

48 g medium sifted sugar
8 g finely orange peel

Add the orange peel to the sugar. Mix and leave it overnight in a vacuum bag or in an airight container

Chocolate sable

360 g butter
½ vanilla bean (pul and seeds)
1.6 g salt
40 g eggs
320 g white flour 160 W
60 g cocoa 22-24% fat
160 g icing sugar

Using the bowl of a stand mixer with shield, knead at the room temperature the cocoa with the butter , the flavours and the flour, at the first speed to create a granulated mixture. Add the sugar. Finally, melt the salt in the orange juice and add it into the mixture. Cover the sable dough with a foil and leave it in the refrigerator for approximately 12 hours. Using a sheeter, spread at 2 mm thickness.
Moisten by lightly brushing with water and sprinkle orange flavoured sugar. Put in the freezer to cool. Cut out using a 6 cm diameter pastry cup and bake at 160° C for approximately 15-16 minutes with the valve open. Cool and keep in the freezer.


½ vanilla bean
Peel of ½ lemon
250 g fresh milk
70 g sugar
30 g rice starch
75 g egg yolk

Boil the milk with the flavourings.
Whisk the egg yolks with sugar and starch. Pour the hot filtered milk over the egg yolks while stirring costantly with a whisk. Cook in a bain-marie at 82°C and keep stirring until the cream thickens. Spread the cream on a baking thin covered with acetate foil, cover it with contact foil and put it in the positive blast chiller until reaching the temperature of 4°C.

Dark Chocolate mousse

250 g custard
250 g Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guyalquil dark chocolate
500 g glossy whipped cream, 35% fat

Heat the custard to 30°C. Melt the chocolate at 45°C and add the cream. Mix for 2 minutes with a high speed hand blender. Use a rubber spatula to blend the cream and stir gently from botton to top.

Orange mousse

240 g caster sugar
250 g orange juice
140 g whole eggs
3 grated peels from 3 oranges
130 g butter
250 g orange juice
30 g powdered gelatine
150 g cold water for gelatine
600 g glossy whipped cream, 35% fat

Using a non-stick soucepan, pour and mix the eggs, the sugar, the first part of the orange juice and the peels. Bake up to 82°C continuing to stir by using a whisk. Remove from heat, filter and pour in the stand mixer with fine mesh whisk and add the second dose of the orange juice. Cool by whipping at the medium speed untili t reaches 60°C. Add the cold butter cubes and the previously rehydrated and melted gelatine. After the temperature reaches 30°C, pour in a bowl and add the cream using a rubber spatula, gently stirring from botton to top so that the mousse does not become lumpy.

Glossy ganache

360 g cream, 35% fat
280 g water
700 g caster sugar
80 g glucose
180 g cocoa
28 g powdered gelatine
140 g water for gelatine

Boil the cream, water, caster sugar and glucose. Add the sifted cocoa, stir and cook untili t reaches 105°C. Add the rehydrated gelatine only when the temperature of the ganache has dropped below the 70°C. Mix with the high speed hand mixer for 2 minutes. Cover with contact foil and leave it in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Use at a temperature of 30-32°.

Extra bitter Guyaquil dark chocolate chablon

300 g Cacao Barry Extra bitter Guyaquil dark chocolate
100 g cocoa butter

Melt the chocolate at 45°C and temper it with a spatula on a marble table, untili t reaches the temperature of 30°C. Put it in a bowl and add the cocoa butter melted at 30°C.  Stir and strain using a fine mesh strainer. Finally, fill the spray gun and keep ita t a temperature of 30°C.


Spray the discs with the dark chablon. Pour the orange mousse in a stone mould a litte over the half of the mould. Leti t cool until the gelatine starts to harden. Fill the mould with chocolate mousse up to 2 mm from the edge. Close with the sable disc and let it cool. Remove from the mould and apply glossy ganache, putting the single portion on a casting grid. Decorate the top of the product sticking a thin orange-coloured chocolate triangle; add two candied orange zest strips and one little golden leaf at the centre.