The Praline Ball and Malt Chocolate Drink from the Harrods Chocolate Afternoon tea

The Praline Ball and Malt Chocolate Drink from the Harrods Chocolate Afternoon tea

Today we are sharing with you Alistair Birt's recipe for the fabulous praline ball and the malt chocolate drink which will be available as part of the Harrods Chocolate Afternoon Tea in The Georgian, in celebration of UK Chocolate Week between 7th and 16th October this year.
The Harrods Chocolate Afternoon Tea consists of: Sable and sesame topped profiterole, filled with a spiced white chocolate diplomat cream, Caramelized hazelnut in a soft Harrods Chocolate mousse dipped in toasted hazelnut praline glaze, Muscovado sea salt caramel topped by dark Harrods Chocolate ganache in a shortbread tart, Petit brandy cherry, kirsch and chocolate pastry, Light malted chocolate drink and Cold Chocolate “tea” infusion made with Or Noir Harrods 66% Dark chocolate.

Malt chocolate drink

400g Whole milk
100g Whipping cream
75g Dark chocolate
20g Milk chocolate
30g Malt extract
Pinch Cardamom

1.       Heat the cream, milk, malt extract and cardamom
2.       Pour a third of the mixture on to the chocolates and emulsify
3.       Slowly add the rest of the liquid and emulsify
4.       Chill, stir well before serving


Praline ball

Makes x 180
Praline mousse  15g/ea
225g milk
90g egg yolk
45g sugar
240g dark chocolate
150g praline paste
800g whipping cream
1.       Create an analgise with the milk, egg yolk and sugar
2.       Pour over the chocolate and praline paste. Form an emulsion, hand blend if necessary
3.       Allow to cool
4.       Fold through the semi whipped whipping cream
5.       Pipe into small sphere moulds
6.       Insert a caramelised hazelnut into the centre
7.       Freeze
8.       Demould ready for dipping

Praline glaze

250g cocoa butter
275g Dark couverture
150g Milk couverture
50g Grapeseed oil
90g chopped roasted hazelnut
100g praline paste
1.       Melt all the ingredients together
2.       Cool until 35°C
3.       Dip frozen sphere into the mixture. Allow excess to drip off before placing on a tray lined with silicon paper
4.       Garnish with a thin chocolate copeux and gold leaf