#RepensezVosLimites: first event in Paris!


#RepensezVosLimites: first event in Paris!

CacaoCollective #Repensezvoslimites first event took place this Monday November 28th in Paris. Jonathan Blot (Pastry Chef), Fréderic Vilgicquel (Chef de cuisine) and Sullivan Doh (Mixologist) did not know each other 2 months ago.

The aromatic science of François Chartier and the quest for the ultimate flavours associations brought them together : on Monday night they organized THEIR event! Guided by François Chartier aromatic analysis of our OCOA 70% dark chocolate couverture, they created an astonishing experimental menu and invited some of their close pastry chefs, chefs de cuisine et mixologist friends to discover the result of their creative collaboration!

Guests indulged themselves to several creations, among them:

  • Gin rhum grapefruit Ocoa
  • Rhum, chili, cinnamon “Espresso Martini” Ocoa
  • Won ton boudin Ocoa compote de coing
  • Arlette parmesan Ocoa
  • Raviole de Shitake bouillon tamarin cocoa mass
  • St Jacques sabayon Ocoa radichio de castelfranco olive noir
  • Joue de boeuf confite Ocoa epautre â la bière et chips de sarrasin
  • Smoky pear caramel & cimer pepper Ocoa mousse
  • Red cabbage peanut Ocoa crémeux and biscuit
  • Kaffir limes caramelized banana and Ocoa

This was the first event of many more to come! Stay tuned to CacaoCollective to know more about out upcoming #Repensezvoslimites events!