Karin Steinhoff

OR NOIR TESTIMONIAL: Karin Steinhoff - Germany

The Steinhoff Bakery Or Noir

The Steinhoff Bakery

Karin Steinhoff has been a chocolate sommelier since 2018 and an ambassador for Barry Callebaut since 2020.

She has been running her parents' business since 2003 and has thus integrated her passion into her company. The Steinhoff Bakery has been in business since 1894, and Karin is the fourth generation of the family to run it. 8 sales outlets and 100 employees. 

For the 125th anniversary of the company,  she produced her first Or Noir milk chocolate with 47.7% cocoa content in Feb 2019. Then she produced a new Or Noir variety, "Jubilee", which is a heartfelt treat given away with small naps to mark the anniversary event. The Or Noir chocolates are used in all areas. It is important to Mrs Steinhoff to coat all baked goods with the finest chocolates.