Too Delicious, I already had a bite!!! Composition of figs and yogurt by Fabrizio Fiorani from Bulgari Il Ristorante Luca Fantin Tokyo


Fabrizio Fiorani, the head pastry chef of the Bulgari Il Ristorante Luca Fantin Tokyo shared with us a wonderful recipe. He explains the idea behind it, “after a tasting menu that lasts over two hours it’s a great challenge to get a client’s full attention for the dessert. In this case I tried to catch it in two ways: by using fantastic ingredients like red Japanese figs from Nigata Prefecture and yogurt from Hokkaido, as well as with humour related to the “fake bite” in the dessert which provokes a smile and brings the attention of the client to the last dish of the meal.”

Fig jelly

130 g peeled red figs
50 g water
25 g sugar
9 g sheets of gelatine

Heat the water and figs and add sugar and gelatin, which was previously melted in cold water. Strain into the circle silicone mould with diameter of 9 cm and height of 3 mm.  Cut out a piece with a pasta knife to recreate a “bite”.

Yogurt namelaka

200 g milk
12 g gelatine
330 g Cacao Barry Zephyr white chocolate
400 g Hokkaido yoghurt

Bring the milk to boiling point. Make an emulsion by adding melted chocolate. Add gelatine. Finish with yoghurt. Strain into the moulds and recreate with the pasta knife the “fake bite”.

Fig sorbet

500 g unpeeled red figs
120 g dry figs
100 g sugar
120 g water
18 g lemon juice

Make a syrup from water and sugar and soften the dry figs. Add fig pulp made of red figs and lemon juice. Put into pacojet and freeze. Whisk before using.

Fig meringue

90 g red fig puree
200 g trehalose
110 g egg white
10 g gelatine

Cook the fig puree and trehalose to 115°C. Whisk with the egg whites like for an Italian meringue. Add gelatine and continue whisking until it cools. Cut a disc of 9 cm diameter and 2 mm height and a quenelle of 3 cm of lenght. Dehydrate in a dryer at 55°C.


Position a layer of the fig jelly and yogurt namelaka. Continue with fig meringue and aerographed white chocolate decoration. Finish the composition with a generous amount of sorbet quenelle and three pieces of red fig.
For this dessert Fabrizio exclusively used the Japanese red figs from Nigata Perfecture and Japanese yogurt from the Hokkaido Perfecture.