Yule log by Jacopo Bruni


Yule Log by Jacopi Brunei, Universal Resort Beijing

Zephyr caramel mousse


470 g Whole milk

17 g gelatine powder

68 g water for gelatine

700 g Cacao Barry Zéphyr Caramel chocolate

30 g Cacao Barry Cocoa butter

1000 g Semi whipped cream

3 n Vanilla pod


Boil vanilla with milk and infuse. Semi whip the cream and leave it to set in the fridge at least for 10 min.  Strain and boil again the milk and add the soaked and melted gelatine. Pour the milk on the chocolate and make an emulsion. When it reaches less than 40C fold the cream.              


Chocolate mousse


250 g Cream 35%

250 g Whole milk

100 g egg yolk

50 g sugar

600 g custard

870 g Cacao Barry Excellence 55.1%

900 g Semi whipped cream


Make custard with the first 4 ingredients, mix with the hand blender at 84c and pour on the semi melted chocolate. Make and emulsion like for a ganache, and finish with the hand blender. Cool down to 30c (not colder or it will split) and add the semi whipped cream.


Viennese cake


165 g Egg yolk

440 g Whole eggs

350 g Sugar1

275 g Egg white

110 g Sugar2

220 g Flour t45


Mix yolk, eggs and sugar1.Add whipped egg whites. Fold sifted flour. Pour the biscuit on the silicone sheet. Bake at 230c for 5 minutes at 50% fan 2. 350gr on 50x30 tray.


Citrus syrup for impregnation


150 g Yuzu puree boiron

110 g Mandarin puree boiron

110 g Blood Orange puree boiron

170 g Sugar


Mix all the ingridients toghether. Bring to boil. Chill.


Citrus pate de fruit


480 g Yuzu puree boiron

1500 g orange puree boiron

180 g lemon puree boiron

222 g Sugar1

51 g Pectine yellow

2100 g Sugar2

600 g Glucose

24 g Tartaric acid

24 g water


Mix sugar1 and the pectine, add to the purees  and bring to boil. Add the glucose and the sugar2 and bring to 105c. Remove from the heat and add the tartaric acid dissolved in the water, mix and add straight to the frames.


Spray mass


700 g Cacao Barry Ocoa™ 70.4%

300 g Cacao Barry Mycryo® Cocoa butter


Melt separately and mix together. Sift and cool down at 30c. Spray on the cake to create shadows.



Put the sheets of Viennese cake on the pate de fruit and spread the Zephyr caramel mousse.
Cut in stripes 6x40cm and roll into logs.
In the mould pipe the chocolate mousse for the bark at the sides and the Zephyr caramel mousse at the base.
Place the log in the middle of the mould and close. Freeze it.
When it is frozen, unmould it and spray to give an effect of shadows.